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Harrington & Area Community Association

Passionate people!

Shown here are the passionate and dedicated members of the Harrington and Area Community Association! Taken overlooking Harrington Mill Pond, on a beautiful evening recently

BACK ROW: L-R Cher Sprague ,Thelma & John Hiuser, Gavin Houston & Michelle Houseman Houston and their daughters Jenna & Hannah, Philip Kerr, Sid & Kathy Eastman, Miles Potter, Sam Coghlan, Larry & Mariel Jensen, Dorothy Courtnage, Jim & Joanne Zeggers

FRONT ROW: Sean Breaugh with Branson, Tim & Betty Van de Kemp, Nancy Skillings, Brenda Krantz with Munro, and Seana McKenna

Absent were Wendy Lammerant & Gerben GerritsenGail Smith & Tom Cottenie

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